Our Philosophy and Services

Transparency, Simplicity, Peace of Mind ®

The goal of Fiduciary Wealth Partners is to give our clients, whom we call partners, greater peace of mind.  We simplify the complex and provide full transparency into the structure and performance of investment and wealth plans, so they are optimized to meet our partners’ goals, not the strategies or models of others.

Fiduciary Wealth Partners works on the same side of the table with our partners to help them understand and evaluate how various investments and wealth management strategies and providers fit and work together.  In this capacity, we are not being hired to replace existing providers, but to increase efficiency, clarity and to optimize portfolios to meet our partners’ plans.  Our objective is to help families be better consumers of investment and wealth management services.

All relationships are customized to meet individual needs, but below are some of the services our partners have found the most helpful:

  • Chief Investment Officer or Investment Consultant for a Family, Trustee or Foundation
  • Formulation of Investment Policy Statements and Frameworks for Family Wealth Plans
  • Creation of Questionnaires and Requests for Proposals to Evaluate Service Providers
  • Asset Allocation and Liquidity Analysis
  • Analysis of Market and Investment Strategy Assumptions Used for Projections
  • Selection, Analysis and On-Going Management of Investment Strategies
  • Conflict, Liquidity and Risk Analysis of Investment Manager Contracts
  • Fee Analysis of Investment Strategies, Inclusive of All Costs and Benefits
  • Creation of Tools for Ongoing Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation of Investments and Managers Versus Appropriate Performance and Risk Benchmarks
  • Selection of Reporting, Custody and Other Record Keeping and Administrative Services
  • Creation of Bespoke Reporting to Meet the Individual Needs of All Interested Parties

Regardless of our role, we believe all investors should have a written wealth plan and investment policy statement.  Investments should be the means to an end, not a competition, and wealth plans should be based on the client’s goals, not the models of others.  Below is a process we recommend to create a road map for all to follow (clients and advisors) to ensure that plans and objectives are memorialized for the benefit of current and future beneficiaries.

FWP Approach

Finally, please reach out to us and share your ideas, stories or observations about our industry.  We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve and provide more innovative and useful solutions to our fiduciary wealth partners.