Our Values

Fiduciary Values, Ethics and Culture

Below you will find our thoughts on the important words listed above.

Driving all we do are our values.  Many firms say they are different because they offer access to unique value added strategies or proprietary processes.   At Fiduciary Wealth Partners, we believe what matters most is how we treat people.

We strive to produce results that help our partners achieve their goals, but often are told that the greatest value we provide is transparency, simplicity and peace of mind.  This is why we trademarked this phrase and have posted separate Transparency, Simplicity , Peace of Mind ® sections on our website (please take a read).

Maybe the best way to describe our values is to talk about What We Will Not Do and What We Do versus having the classic “value added” bullets.

What We Will Not Do

  • We will not offer proprietary products
  • We will not charge commissions on transactions or take fees from financial services providers for selling their products
  • We will not have arbitration clauses in our contracts
  • We will not have wrap fees schedules that we view as opaque.

As we grow, we feel it is also important to keep our founding principles in mind and stay focused on what we do.  Fiduciary Wealth Partners believes we can thrive by putting the best interests of others first.  Below are principles we feel are important to our success.

What We Do

  • We call our clients “partners”, and treat them as such
  • We act as true fiduciaries and focus on the best interests of our partners first
  • We are fully transparent and disclose all fees in a simple to understand format
  • We understand the complex and the place for it, but have a bias toward keep it simple, low fee, liquid, tax efficient and fully transparent strategies
  • We strive to stay humble and welcome partners calling us out on this if we do not
  • We acknowledge mistakes when we make them
  • We understand the seriousness of the trust our partners place in us, but strive to have fun.

We want to build something of lasting value that is passed down for the benefit of our partners (our clients, families, fellow professionals and community).  By being a true Fiduciary of Wealth, we focus on the best interests of our Partners first.